Atrius Malchor

Born of darkness, forged in adversity, he seeks the light.


Atrius Malchor , Lawful Good Outsider (native)
Tiefling Paladin level 2 (oathsworn against fiends)
Str12 Dex12 Con12 Int14 Wis13 Cha16
HP: 18 AC16 ToAC11 FFAC15 CMB3 CMD14 Fort7 Ref4 Will7

masterwork War sledge (earthbreaker)
5 to hit (2hand), 2d61


Atrius struggled through his childhood not to give in to his baser impulses lest he prove this persecutors right. It was not long before his mother’s tales of virtue and adventure inspired the boy to seek the role of a paladin of Uhunzi the Forger in order to break free of the hatred and fear that he had seen in the eyes of his supposed peers.
It was not until his mother died, shortly before Atrius’ thirteenth winter that he set out to train in earnest as a paladin and devotes his entire existence to the goal of showing the world that his heritage does not make him evil, that even one touched by the fires of damnation can seek the light. And though Atrius has made great steps in overcoming the prejudices associated with his appearance, he can’t fight the feeling that something dark still holds malevolent intentions for his fate.

Atrius Malchor

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