There are four tribes of gnolls that occupy the jagged hills of the Jackel’s Teeth; Throatbiter, Slangfang, Swiftfoot, and Fleshrender. The tribes compete against each other as much as they war against the scant handful of other races with whom they share the hills.

The Throatbiter’s territory skirts along the edges of the Glasslands; as a result, they are more experienced at dealing with the undead who prowl that region than are the other tribes. The Slangfangs live in the foothills abutting the forests of Sorrowmoss, where they have learned to fear the Fey. Swiftfeet and Fleshrenders live in the interior of the Jackel’s Teeth, scavenging ancient ruins for the means to eradicate one another. The enmity between these two tribes is the most intense and the bloodiest, with neither able to gain the upper hand.

Gnolls have a difficult time finding acceptance amongst humans, though some have found a place in the combat pits of Hunkerdown or as guards for necromancers exploring the Glasslands. Clashes between the Fey of Sorrowmoss and the Slangfang tribe have settled into a low level conflict. Gnolls have only recently encountered the Delve, and they have almost no contact whatsoever with the Glopoi.

Racial Stats

  • +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence: Gnolls are powerful and tough physically, but their brutish lives leave little room for intellectual development.
  • Medium: Gnolls are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Normal Speed: Gnolls have a base speed of 30 feet.
  • Darkvision: Gnolls have darkvision out to 60 feet.
  • Natural Armor: Gnolls receive a +1 natural armor bonus to AC.
  • Languages: Gnolls begin play speaking Gnollish and Trade Tongue. Gnolls with high Intelligence scores can choose to speak any of the following: Imperial, Delvish, Feyspeak, Hrawka or any of the human dialects.


Gnoll PCs are typically rangers, rogues, barbarians and fighters. Throatbiter rangers must take as their favored enemy ‘undead’. Slangfang rangers must take as their favored enemy ‘Fey’. Rangers from the Swiftfoot and Fleshrender tribes take ‘gnoll’ as their favored enemies.
Gnolls clerics act as shamans to the tribes, while inquisitors take typical gnoll aggression to the level of a holy war. The patron deity of the Swiftfeet and Fleshrenders is the Chaos Demon Shirggal, while the Throatbiters revere either Grinaka the Devourer or the death spirit Arrew. Slangfangs mostly worship the Spirit of the Hunt, but a handful are secretly devoted to Xexes, She Who Gnaws No Living Flesh. Gnoll druids are not impossible, but as yet have not been seen. Gnoll oracles have been known to exist.
There are no wizards among the gnolls, but sorcerers arise from time to time; possible bloodlines are principally Abyssal or Destined, but other possibilities include Fey, Undead, Aberrant, Elemental and Shadow. Gnoll females can be witches, and are often deeply respected by the tribes.
There are no bards, paladins, cavaliers, alchemists, summoners or monks among the gnoll tribes.


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